beltane blessings

Tomorrow is Beltane in our part of the world. This used to be one of my favourite holy days, and I still think it the most important of all, celebrating the Love which birthed the universe and which lives on in all our souls. I used to get up early to wander my neighbourhood, gathering wild roses and other flowers for a spring crown. Times change, energy shifts, and I am now less ritualised in my spirituality. But I still love Beltane, and wish many blessings to those of you who are celebrating it in the south - and Samhain blessings to folk in the old north.

My spirituality is at the heart of my creativity. I like to write about love and longing because I want to honour the drawing together that I believe is at the heart of Creation. The love of him and her, this and that, earth and sky, matter and wave, as well as between creation and the created (parent and child).

I see this story told over and again in the oldest tales we have, which is why I think we are consistently drawn to them down the centuries. Some of the early versions of popular fairy tales are shocking to us now, but I believe when we approach them from a spiritual or pagan perspective, we see something more primal than social morality being invoked. I would talk to you about the medieval version of Sleeping Beauty, for instance, which is controversial these days but which I believe speaks of the connection between king and land, will and biology - however, I don't want to cause an argument! Whatever your beliefs, and whatever the season where you are, I hope you have a beautiful 31st of October.


  1. Message me privately, I'd love to hear about the Medieval version of Sleeping Beauty. :)

    And a blessed Beltaine to you, Sarah.

  2. I would love to hear more about the connection between king & land, biology etc. too.
    There is a branch of dream analysis that calls on the dreamer to let go of the idea of self vs. other and instead see each part of a dream as a different aspect of oneself. Imagine if we looked at fairy tales that way too, if we recognized that we each have a kingly side and a queenly one as well...

    Anyway... just a few thoughts. I hope you have a very Happy Beltane! xoxo

  3. I would love to hear your thoughts about Sleeping Beauty. I agree with you about approaching the old stories--"fairy tales"--from a spiritual perspective. I think the old versions of Sleeping Beauty (Troilus and Zelladine; Sun, Moon, and Talia, etc.) have been completely misunderstood in modern times. In Sleeping Beauty, the tale completely loses its meaning without the consummation of the princess while she is asleep...and the begetting of the child (or children) . .. and the prince going away and returning. This is truly a "tale as old as time". Somewhere in the Chartres Cathedral are inscribed the words: "O Awaken not the Beauty until the time comes" (a verse from the Song of Songs).

    Wishing you a blessed day, my friend. ♥

    1. Oh yay! Someone else who knows about this stuff!! What a delight you are!

      I am really looking forward to writing about this, but I'm going to wait for a little while, for various reasons.

      I'd also love to have a discussion about the Song of Songs. It is the part of the Bible which most proves to me how we should not be divided over religion, for the story each religion tells is the same (with different details). That Song is so old ...

  4. What a beautiful wish. I love the old traditions and am so glad it's still remembered among all the trick or treating...