the dreaming landscape

As I write this, the day is diminishing into quiet. There's always a feeling of inward breathing at twilight in this neighbourhood. When I lived in hills, it was different. Dusk was more like a settling, there. But beside the sea nothing is deep-rooted in shadowy dreams. It is a lighter place, as if dreams here are dancers, lifted & moved by the song of the sea. I don't think I'd have been the person I am today if I'd grown up here instead of hills or inland suburbs. The lightness, the sea-song, the constant flow like breathing, would surely have shaped my character differently.

There's no doubt I would have written differently. Probably minimally - fewer words, a gentler touch (a more contemporary kind of writing). But I was a child in the woods, the shadow, the hills. I learned my language there. Do you think where you grew up shaped you? Did it make the bones and voice box for your art?

Anyway, so I put the novel on Goodreads, because I thought I should ... because places like that are maps to the landscape of a writer's dreams and a reader's thoughts. You can click stars there if you are so inclined. And I can also tell you that I was asked to contribute to an ebook by Deb at Inner Compass Designs, which is now available here if you are interested. My own little piece is insignificant compared with the stories of the women who wrote for the collection.

Wishing you a beautiful day, where ever you are in the world.

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  1. so lovely to think of how a place forms us, inspires us, is part of our bones and breath
    and of course it is
    how could it not be
    just like every person in our lives becomes part of us
    i did not grow up in NW Montana
    i grew up in S. California
    with hills, creeks, horses and oak trees
    i miss the oak trees, i rarely miss the ocean
    i love the wild of Montana and after 9 years i can tell it is part of me
    i think it is wonderful that you put your books on Good Reads and when i finish the ones i have i will be sharing how wonderful your writings are, i want people to know