the secret mountain

We drove down from hills to the long, wild coast, following an endless road. As I gazed over the sea, I saw the second most beautiful sight I've ever seen in all my life. A white cone of mountain floated in mist above the ocean.

At first, I thought I was dreaming. But as I watched, and on we drove, the view shifted. The mist became a great wall with the white mountain rising at its centre like a sentinel, the land beyond warded from the rest of the world. I felt we were moving towards a magical kingdom. I took no pictures, because the view was too profound. Now I will remember it always in my heart, rather than remembering a photograph.

The land beyond the mist proved to be as wary and strange as that first view suggested. It was dark, resentful of human occupation; it held its secrets close in forests and under heavy plains. I . People told me how lucky I was to have seen the mountain at all, and I thought that was odd, considering its great bulk - until the next day, when it had completely disappeared. The sky did not seem especially cloudy, but somehow it hid a vast, weighty mountain.

I did not love that magical land. It would not open its heart to me. But I will never forget its betrayed majesty, its brooding, its timeless love for the golden ocean. I came home unable to write a single eloquent word. Maybe if I go back there, I will find them hanging from old pine trees, tangled on rocky shores, and tucked into the roots of hungry, angry hills.


  1. That was pretty darn eloquent. : )

  2. I had such a stab of homesickness for Mt Taranaki, and its ocean when I read this. Even if you aren't referring to that part of the world, it does so remind. me of that. It's the place to where my soul aches to be home. Beautiful.

  3. Beautiful Sarah. Sometimes our memories are best kept in our hearts.

    Thank you for the picture of your daughter's activities. It was so nice to see what you work towards. and I love this week's chapter!

  4. i feel
    that you have a unique way of expressing your experience
    how wonderful that it let you see itself, the mountain the one day

  5. Sarah, will you tell me what mountain you saw? I love hearing of mountains that are for the most part veiled. There is a huge one in Alaska, the people say the same of it also.