- in the silence -

I have fallen into the crack between stories, the place where all my discarded words have been lying these past three months. I am restless and annoyed. Outside, the world is shivering wildly with wind. But I am too still.

One moment I am staring in at a mysterious, enchanted woodland ... and the next I am contemplating an infestation of crocodiles in Victorian London's Thames river. When I look to the left, I see shadows on an old wall, whispering sorrow ... and then I turn right and the Queen is walking barefoot in her garden at midnight, smoking a peace pipe.

I have several secret Pinterest boards bulging with diverse imagery, from medieval knights to moths. I am listening to far too much music. And amongst all of this I am watching the news from Sydney and thinking about real-life suffering, and asking myself what it really is that I want to offer as a storyteller in this world.

And then again wondering honestly if the question even matters at all because when story calls out I must write, and see just the same as any other reader how it turns out.

I hope story does not take too long to call. I hate this silence.

(photo today for Kim Klassen's texture tuesday)

For one really beautiful story, read this tale of a deermouse by Sylvia Linsteadt.


  1. I love your way with words and the beautiful image. It makes me wonder about this story.

  2. A writer and a photographer ---beautiful combination!

  3. Gorgeous image - I love the mystery. Love your beautiful post too; it is always a pleasure to visit your site (so strange that I just typed "sight" instead of "site"). Hope your story comes to you soon.

  4. such a lovely story
    and beautiful sweater

    wishing you a story

  5. Beautiful. Let the stories shine.

  6. It will come ... be patient. ;-) -- Michele at Sweet Leaf