rose red and the wild prince

I was born on the first full moon of the year. I've always gone a little subdued through the days between Christmas and my birthday, between the sun and the moon. They hold a special childhood magic for me. So today, forgive me, I'm posting something from long ago ...

When I open my door lately, there is a bear waiting for me. How do these things happen? I have always been Rose Red, rather than the lovely Snow White - a second sister kind of person. But I'm learning that there is a small and secret magic which can be done in the shadows I spend my days sweeping out while the Snow Whites of this world gallivant on adventures, accumulating princes, winning book deals, eating poisoned apples just so they can be saved.

And I understand now, in my very slow-thinking way, that the bear doesn't just bring me gifts from the forest, the scent of rivers and rain, and his own shy wild smile; he comes to me for medicine.

I never knew before what I now know, that my writing is a two-way street. A gift for me, an elixir for the muse. We sustain each other. Maybe that's why I can't stop writing. Because I love him and want to keep opening my door to find him standing there, all dark-eyed and uncouth, bringing me safe apples, tales of things I have never done while I sit with my broom and my papers in this small house, grinning at me in a way which reminds me that beneath the bearskin is a prince more ancient than written history.

I wonder - if he healed, would he still come visit me? I think when I accept the answer to that, then he will finally change shape, and I will see myself too for what I have always been.


  1. Your writing is beautiful... don't stop.

    Here's wishing you a bountiful 2015.

    1. No fear of that. 35 years and still counting :-) Thank you.

  2. Gorgeous as ever, sarah. Strangely enough, thoughts of Snow White have entered my head this morning as I was walking in the fresh snow of the forest, I think she maybe making an appearance somewhere in something I must get on paper in the coming days. Oh, I could so easily be a Snow White to your Rose Red, that for me is a very healing thought and your words as ever, continue to heal me, thank you x

  3. your words make me want to run wild in the moors at midnight, always write sarah :) x

  4. beautifully expressed
    wonderful insight

    living around bears.... this has made me consider actual bears differently ;-)

  5. Your words leave me speechless - almost like a guided meditation. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Wow - very profound and lovely!

  7. Sublime. My word. You did that so beautifully. xx