- storm love and stories -

This afternoon is one of my favourite kinds of afternoons. I'm tired and damp after having spent a long, cold time in a storm at the shore. But that is always so enjoyable, and I now can rest and listen to the wild weather, drink tea and eat toast, and feel satisfied. I am glad I get to be one of the storm folk, heading out while everyone else is hurrying in.

It is a little odd to be facing a Sunday afternoon without any chapter to distribute. I probably won't be writing a serialised novel again, as it requires real strength of mind and body, and I can't always guarantee that in myself. But I'm one of those people who is never quite happy unless she has a story on the go, which means that I am spending days scowling at Pinterest, writing pages of notes, falling asleep with a pen and notebook beside my pillow, and trawling my dreams for inspiration.

I would maybe write a sequel to Deep in the Far Away, because I love the characters so much. But I am anxious about the value of the original story. It has a few gratifying five-star ratings at Goodreads (thank you so much!) but that would never stop me from feeling anxious, of course!

And so I fill notebooks, and skirt shyly around other stories, and the anxiety of not-writing begins to grip my fingers and my silences until - I know from experience - it will become agonising, and there will be no living with me, and I will start to climb the walls, and drink too much tea, and turn ordinary conversations into wild and strange poems, and then finally my muse (no doubt in sheer exasperation) will gently place some words in my hands -

And I will be able to breathe again.


  1. Your words are very beautiful and inspiring. I am sure you will soon have a beautiful story to share.

    Happy holidays.