- thirty random thoughts -

Why not? One for every swell of the shadow that hugs the moon.

I feel sad when I come across the scientific reason books smell so good, for why must we unravel everything and knot the tattered threads into words, science, intellectual understanding? Why do we not simply allow the deep and wordless wisdom of our other senses?

Beautiful things aren't always good.

If we keep surrendering our money, our time, our children, to the way of the world as it is right now, it will never get better.

I don't believe peace is founded in educating children about the 3Rs. Give me an illiterate child who helps to care for his grandmother, or a child who can not subtract fractions but always spends some of his pocket money on food for the poor, and there I will see the true seeds of peace.

I believe the best education for a child and the world they live in involves, along with reading and counting, how to dig wells, grow food, think about the deep things, make furniture, make soap, sing old songs, care for the wounded (physically and spiritually), find poetry in a tree trunk, compose their own heart's poetry ...

Some people say there are only two emotions: love and fear, but I disagree, I think the two core emotions are love and lack, or perhaps to put it another way, with-god and without.

I believe fragility is a good thing.

I saw an article about the movie Wild (based on the book) and it was celebrating "the lone she-wolf". How sad to see pleasure being taken in the fact women are increasingly yielding the ideal of community and connectedness, as men did so long ago - as if being alone, utterly disconnected from love and friendship, is to be celebrated. Have you ever noticed how, when people are connected to their community, they have less sense of lack. Community is not good for the economy. Just saying.

I believe we find ourselves in love, and in connection with others.

I believe the thing which will destroy our world ... and infact is already doing so ... is selfishness.

I love luscious fingerless gloves that make my hands feel small again. I read today about how pathetic it is for a woman to feel sometimes like a child, or especially to act that way ... but we don't really grow up, we grow deep, and the child we once were is always in us. To turn away from her is to become senseless to the root of our experience.

Charity that comes with your own culture and values attached (such as birth control and sterilisations) is not really charity, it is buying the creation of your own worldview.

For the cost of one person's Olympic campaign, hundreds of children could be given sports equipment and helped to master that sport.

There is more than enough food to feed everyone on the planet, we just don't do that.

In his poem about the road less travelled, Robert Frost states clearly that the roads are actually travelled to pretty much the same degree.

I don't have a feminine side and a masculine side. I have a linen side and a dirt side, a hillshadow side and a sunset side, a curling side and a long deep sigh side ...

I would rather live in a housetruck, or a car and a tent, than in a house rotted in one piece of land. (that's a typo, I meant rooted ... but rotted seems right, too.)

I believe what we see of trees is their underneath.

Forbidding wood fires in a city may seem like a solution to air pollution, but considering people will replace those fires with plastic heaters and high electricity use, it's a rather useless solution.

I no longer wrap presents in paper wrapping; if they must be wrapped I use muslin cloth secured with wool, and with flowers or herbs as added decoration ... not to save trees, just to be more mindful about the spirit of gift-giving.

It is sad that the wholesale and soulless cultural appropriation that goes on these days makes it difficult for genuine believers to adopt the culture or spirituality of a different nationality.

I would rather a young person knew how to mow the lawn and fix the kitchen tap, and had the spirit to do so, than knew how to do algebra.

I believe stories, like food, can be medicinal or toxic, depending on how we make them.

The fact so many corporations and individuals are choosing toxicity in their stories and food shows me that our civilisation is dying.

Every time I read that New Zealand is considered one of the best countries in the world, my heart breaks, thinking of how so many people here queue for hours to get charity food packages so they can feed their hungry children.

Silence feels like lack, like selfishness, to me. If you listen to the natural world, it is never silent.

If we revile what happened in concentration camps, how can we accept what happens in factory farms?

When people tell me that they will explain God to me, I know what they will explain to me is their own ego.

You can't sell authenticity.

Gentleness takes more courage than strength.


  1. thank you for putting words that fit my heart also

    and they don't really teach algebra anymore, they teach how to use a calculator that gives you algebra answers - the first time my son used a calculator on his test i thought he was cheating. he thought i was funny.

    i love your thoughts on true seeds of peace. thank you.

    1. and thank you for being so gracious as to leave a comment for me :-) so much appreciated. xx

  2. So glad to have read this shimmering, beautiful post today. It resonates deeply with me and echoes my heart. Thank you :)