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It seems to be a growing tradition with me to share links on a Friday, in community with Kim Klassen's Friday Finds.

I hope you find some value in these things which I myself enjoyed this week ... And that you're having a lovely week, not too stressed by preparations for Christmas, not too cold or busy ... Wishing you loads of love.

"And what could we create, what ecological problems could we solve, what despair might we alleviate, if instead of imposing our rigid curriculum and the destructive economy it serves on the entire world, we embraced as part of our vast collective intelligence the wisdom and knowledge of the world’s thousands of sustainable indigenous cultures?"  from Schooling The World.

Survival International is a group which supports and advocates for indigenous groups which are under threat, so that they may continue living on their own land and leading their chosen lifestyle, and so that they may educate their children for a traditional lifestyle rather than necessarily with the "hope" of becoming a lawyer or politician in our society.

White Saviour Complex - what do you see on the faces of the two young men in this photograph? Do you think they feel assisted or shamed?

This study of the possible links between autism and air pollution gybes with my own sense that autism is a sign that humans can not tolerate the environment we have created - the pollution, processed foods, excessive technology, too muchness.

This makes me so happy, thank you thank you. The book is now available in complete novel form if you are interested in donating to our fund and would like it as a perk.

One of the first strands I begin to knot as I begin gathering a story is its music. This song by Lilium is on my new writing playlist.

Kindred magazine looks so scrumptious.

This video by a very brave young woman is powerful viewing.

And this, in a week full of devestating news from around the world, was absolutely wonderful to watch.

And finally, the most important cat pictures of all time.

Thanks to Kim Klassen for offering the Friday Finds link-up.


  1. Lovely photo, full of tenderness! Great work Survival International!

  2. Great post ... and a wonderful picture !
    Have a nice weekend,

  3. What a beautiful and diverse list of finds! I enjoyed the video from Texas - that was heartwarming! And thank you for introducing me to Kindred magazine.