little notebooks

Lately I have been going through a large number of notebooks as I gather and explore various story ideas. A new school year recently started, and stationary was on offer at wonderfully cheap prices. I bought piles of exercise books simply for having them - I love their freshness and potential, although of course that is all spoiled the moment one word appears on their pages.

Mostly, though, I make my own notebooks. It's a job of ten minutes. I simple fold an A4 piece of white paper in half, tear neatly along the foldline (a ruler can help), and fold each half-piece. I stack several of these pages, sew them together at the centre with white cotton thread, and there is my notebook. Sometimes I will also add a patterned cover, other times I will simply draw something on the front page.

They don't have to be pretty or kept in good condition; they are for carrying around in my bag, tucking with a pen under my pillow at night, and lying beside the computer - always on hand for noting down inspiration and imagery.

I guess for me this before-story time is like rambling in woods and meadows, gathering stones and leaves and tiny flowers, looking for some lovely place to settle for a while. The notebooks help me create maps to where I have been and where I might go next.


  1. They are lovely. And so personal. Unique and just so perfectly yours.

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    1. it's a very simple idea left over from my homeschooling days when we made lots of our own books. Done nicely, with a fold-over colour cover, and they make perfect party favours for a girl's birthday gathering. Add a flower and a holy card or sheet of stickers, tie the bundle together with a ribbon, and it's really pretty. And for very low cost!

  3. Coincidentally, I also did a bit of cleaning and clearing out and found SO many little notebooks, some not used yet! I love the idea of making them, though. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. an empty journal
    is like a gorgeous invitation
    these are lovely