mist dreaming

When I lived on an island, I liked best the foggy days when sea and sky blurred together into dreaming. The world all around me may have become vague, but I found in it so much more "scope for imagination."

Walking in mist is like being in the heart of the wild and gentle god.

Today I was reminded that eloquence does not necessarily mean intelligence. Sometimes the quietest person is the wisest, not needing to declare their knowledge or debate with people who have no intention of changing an opinion anyway. As long as their quietness is honest, and not an attempt at obscurity or mystery, they have so much to offer with it.

A softening of awareness. A gift of listening. A gentle holding of the dreamspace within an active conversation. And a lovely reminder for us to be quiet ourselves and hear what we are saying.

Mist feels the same : quietness in the conversation of the world; the peace that is divine.


  1. I love the mist and fog too, a good thing, since it's an ever present part of the area I live in during the winter months. And yes, exactly what you said about quiet and wisdom.

  2. Liz in Missouri USAFebruary 10, 2015 at 3:57 AM

    How Lovely. And Timely. lately I've been reading a couple of books and thinking about this same sort of thing. It's a very peaceful feeling, this quietness and stillness.

  3. i love this:
    Walking in mist is like being in the heart of the wild and gentle god.

    listening, holding space is a sacred offering

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    1. it's a screencap from a video by Max Smith :)

  5. thanks as always for the comments which are so much appreciated xx