sharing gentleness and peace

As you know, I do not have very good health. When it is time for me to sit quietly with a shawl and a cup of tea on the sofa, I long to have something healing that I might read. I mean, a book that is written softly, with lovely imagery and kind-hearted characters, so it goes gentle over my bones and my spirit.

These are not always so easy to find, and the ones I have, which I so treasure, have been read until their covers are faded and falling apart. And there are times when even they have too many words. Then I must rely on film instead.

I hope these links bring you a gentle peacefulness, and that your weekend has been lovely for you.


  1. Sending you soothing and healing vibes for your health. Are there any books that you'd recommend to suite this kind of mood. Lately, I find myself turning to Wild Comfort, Wolves and Honey, Crabtree&Evelyn Fragrant Herbal, Mary Oliver's poems and your Driftways too.

    1. Thank you, it is so gracious and friendly of you to send such vibes. :)

      It's hard to find books that are quiet enough for me when I am unwell. The Shapechanger's Wife by Sharon Shinn is quite good, because although it's a dark story it's written with such clean prose. The Earthsea books by Ursula le Guin also help for the same reason. Lots of silence between the words, and those words are like linen, calm and clean. They are purposeful yet caring. Also, Robert Frost's poetry is good (but that I'll read always). And to be honest, this problem sounds awfully shameful, but yesterday all I really wanted to read was Deep in the Far Away. Unfortunately, I don't have a hard copy and I needed something I could hold in my hands.

      I will be seeking out those books you mentioned.