touchstones of beauty

The first autumn moon swayed on up from the ocean, luscious and wrapped in rainbows. I stood in the dark of my kitchen and watched her for a long, peaceful time. When we first had autumn in this cottage, we were entranced by its sumptuous, richly-coloured moons. Maybe they soak up the old gold dreams of the sea ...

Seeing this moon, this year, I had a deeper feeling than entrancement. There she is again, my heart sang. I remember her from last autumn. And I smiled, for the tracks of living here are getting deeper as I walk them again, another year, another round of seasons. Two summers, and now our second autumn, and I'm coming to anticipate certain things. Big moons, piles of leaves on the footpaths, the smell of sand and saltwater when I open my door, consulting the sky before I make plans - and even then, taking an umbrella, just incase, when I walk to the village to buy milk for making the first hot chocolate of the year.

I miss the river meadow beside our last home. I miss the rose trees of the home before that. I certainly miss the next previous home, high amongst trees, deep in a valley, where everything seemed holy. I could keep on listing homes, memories - for although I was sad to live beside that river meadow, and I complained constantly about the house amongst roses, and I do not love this neighbourhood now, the truth is, there is something to love almost anywhere you go. Only in cities do I find little beauty.


  1. Elizabeth Waggoner in Missouri USAMarch 7, 2015 at 3:06 AM

    In cities, for me, it's hard to breathe. My last house was in a suburban neighborhood. I would sit on my back porch and try to cast my spirit out into the universe and I couldn't help but feel like it crashed into the walls of the houses around me and crashed to the ground. Perhaps it was the previous years of living in the mountains - but I don't think so. Something about bricks and mortar, concrete and power lines seems to sap energy right out of me. Now I still live in the same town - but a smaller house with an expanse of semi-wild space behind it. Lots of trees with occasional wildlife and LOTS of birds. I can breathe again.
    The moon shows herself through these trees making lace in the sky. The sun sets with astonishing colors behind the same trees. I think these glimpses of a greater purpose ARE holy as long as we notice.
    What a lovely post!!

  2. What a gorgeous image... and I'm with you... any time I am out in nature, there is beauty and much to love. Cities make me sad.