Driftwood and Dreaming

The afternoon is plump with warmth and sunshine again, so soon after our recent chill. It's a lemonade day; a good day for tending the garden and eating cake.

Not such a good day for dreaming, though. That's the problem with summer - it's so inescapable. The blue skies may go on forever, but they offer little except blue. Stories grow from cracks, and from strange clouds, and tarnish, and the indistinct things moving behind shadow. I don't believe a good story must necessarily have conflict, but there does need to be complication. Summer is too smooth to be inspiring.

Since it's Friday, allow me to share some things I've recently found along the virtual shoreline ...

Reclaiming the Wise Woman, a new course by Sharon Blackie.

Puberty before age ten is the new normal ... information every parent should have.

The Pill could be altering the structure of your brain ... amongst other harmful effects. I believe the Pill is an example of how our quest for freedom is causing us so many problems.

This made me laugh.

This cartoon of the Bronte sisters also amused me. Personally I think Anne's books are vastly underrated. They are certainly my favourites from amongst those of the sisters.

Mitenska ... I have only looked at the first page of this weblog so far but absolutely must share the link as one page is enough to make me fall in love with it.

The Woman Who Married a Bear

Beautiful pendants.

Inspiring photography of the wild world.

Sharing with Kim Klassen's Friday Finds.


  1. What lovely thoughts - about summer being too smooth for a story. I love your dream-like shot too.

  2. Wonderful link collection. Haha, I must read Anne Brontë now! And save that Xena meme to pass around at appropriate times. In fact, I think I'll send it to my mum right away.

  3. Lovely photo and description of summer ...

  4. Maybe you could find a story waiting to be told in the woods, where the blue skies are hidden?

    Thank you for some more wonderful links...I love The Woman Who Married A Bear. She's so real. Have you read her old blog....The Girl Who Married A Bear?

    Have a beautiful weekend Sarah!

  5. What a lovely photo, Sarah. And I love that link to wild photography... stunning work. xoxo

  6. lemonade, cake and garden work sounds lovely.
    sounds much like my day, without the cake ;-0

    wishing you clouds of all sorts
    the kind that inspires dreams and tales