link love

I forgot Friday. I ran away for a while in my heart. But sharing stories from my browsing is a favourite habit of mine, here at the crook of the week. And so, a second post today.

In celebration of our tree elders.
In these days of shows like The Game of Thrones, I love this meme. Besides, Tom Hardy.
What to do if you find a baby bird out of the nest.
Roots and Feathers : a favourite in these here parts.
Raquel Somatra : the kind of woman you just want to hug.
Is thinking too much bad for you?
Ice loss so large, it is affecting Earth's gravity.
Beauty and the Beast.

Tonight, NZ's only remaining example of caring, insightful, compassionate, investigative journalism is being taken off tv, to be replaced by an infotainment programme. It's terribly sad and so terribly wrong. I'm going now to watch it, and to think all over again about what kind of public conversation we choose for ourselves, and how much we are willing to pay for some people's profit.

(sharing with Kim Klassen Friday Finds)


  1. Great links indeed, thanks and enjoy the weekend!

  2. thank you for the love, Sarah! I love hugs, even with this growing belly <3 <3 <3

    1. and hahaha! Tom Hardy... J wants to watch Mad Max tonight.. I was thought, "meh, but hey, Tom Hardy."

    2. although I have to add, YES to that meme's message. Geez Louise.