Within the Rain

When I was a child, I would watch rain mist around the dark forest surrounding my house and feel certain that something magical was happening. No one taught me the water cycle; instead, they sent me outside to climb trees, wander between trees, dream. I learned that the world speaks in a language which can't really be translated into cycles. Rain is the old hills breathing.

Today it is raining. And today the rain means something sharper, more urgent - like a cry, a shout. The tv weathermen call it "rubbish weather" but anyone with the slightest sympathy for nature knows that rain here has become a priceless treasure. The hills and the seas and the farmlands are suffocating.

Because it's Friday, I would like to share with you some of the things I've most appreciated in my internet reading this week ...

The Indigo Vat has a new post. There are many writers I love, but all too often the best I can offer them is simply to share the word about them. And so I give my readers Sylvia's name, her blog link, again and again.

Scientists are finally waking up to the fact that mental health is intrisically woven together with physical health.

Be Funky is an interesting free photo processing service online.

Willow Tree March by the Paper Kites.

Sea Oleena.

Cows don't want to die. Not everyone can be vegetarian. For example, some have a chronic inability to digest iron from plant sources. However, I believe everyone can take on the responsibility of knowing what goes in to making their meat dinner.

Quote of the week : "There are no weeds. We are continually brainwashed by greedy, planet-killing corporations who want us to buy their profitable poisons!" I completely agree with this. Weeds are native plants. We only consider them bad because they get in the way of what we want to do.

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  1. Rain is the loveliest, isn't it? Here in California we're experiencing a terrible drought, and every bit of water is so, so precious. Nature is truly amazing, and I'll never take 'rubbish weather' for granted. <3

  2. 'Rain is the old hills breathing.' -- that is a lovely thought!

  3. First Time here, because I found your blogsite via the thumbnail at Kim's Friday Founds. Especially the taught I prefer: Rain is the old Hillsdale breathing... It's so poetically - lovely.

    Cheers, Heidrun

  4. Oh I do love the rain, there is magic in it, I think.

  5. That was quite a powerful article under your link 'finally waking up'. Very interesting and thought provoking.

  6. So wonderful your words about the rain LOVE !

  7. "watch rain mist around the dark forest surrounding my house and feel certain that something magical was happening' - beautiful!