tea and roses

Do you ever feel nostalgia for the daydreams you had when you were younger? The gentle, wild images you saw in that magical middle distance beyond a window, or a garden, or the stars on a sleepless night?

Do you ever look back over the years and remember moods rather than details? A warmth like a hug as you watched light fall on the hands of someone you loved? A stirring of the heart as someone smiled slow and wordless at you across a room? What room - it does not matter. What day - you don't care.

Would you say that the taste of tea is not as lovely as the experience of it?

Do you love certain flowers, like roses or gypsophila, because of the sensation they inspire - the softness, the ease of the mind, the swell of beautiful happiness or romance - and you wouldn't necessarily want to have them in glossily packaged bunches in your house, becaue that would spoil the tenderness somehow?

Do you ever read a book just for its words?

Do you ever feel that memorising a beloved poem is somehow taking away a little of its magic?

Are you sad when people are unkind because it means there is unkindness in the world?

Do certain phrases ... tea and roses ... seem lovely all on their own, without any context?

And do you realise sometimes, even for just a moment, that your life is not about what you've done, but what you've felt?


  1. For me its al about the feeling, of the senses coming alive, over and over again. Life is beautiful this way. You've shared lovely thoughts, thanks for that.

  2. This is what we read here, for. Your vision... So rare in our world...

    And so, even if we don't come by such vision naturally, ourselves... You share yours, with us.

    Thank you...


  3. Do you ever read a book just for its words?
    i do this with your writings, you have a way with words, that inspires pause.

  4. yes, I often read books just for their words. or enjoy beauty just for its own sake. and summer in particular is a nostalgic time for me, when I remember the past more vividly.