rainstorms and roses

Wild and gentle. Dragons and dreaming girls. One of these days (perhaps when I am rich and famous, as I used to say when I was a child) I am going to buy my own domain and create a holistic container, a brand, for my writing and photography. Like rainstorms and rose petals, for people who are complicated.

Until then. I shall go on apologising to those of you visiting who expected knitting patterns.

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I spent the day moving furniture through the lovely maze that is my home, edging tables through doorways, wheeling my heirloom full-length mirror from room to room. Being tired now, I offer you some links instead of anything of my own. I hope you find something valuable for you in the list.

Make your own lavender water.

The Witch's Tree.

Ben Andrew : beautiful photographs.

Let's be sure zoo animals are not stressed.

Ten ways to save pollinators.

Connections between people and trees.

Maria McKee : great music.

Children's global art project..

I hope you are having a beautiful day.


  1. Even as One Who Knits, (from time to time), the name of your blog invited me into the realm of poetry, beauty, and roses. And that's all I sought. I've never been disappointed. xx

  2. Elderflowers are NOW. I try to make time for cordial every year, this year I also tried making strawberry jam with elderflowers in, it's totally delicious! And just found a recipe for syrup that I'll try. In autumn, I make cordial from the berries. So I highly recommend having a witch tree or two in your garden.

    1. I would love to have one, but alas my garden is tiny.

  3. thank you especially, for the pollinators link.

    congratulations on all the furniture moving! but hope you are resting, after.

    here, we have another rainy and very cool day. not seasonal at all. but rain is always better than drought. and to me, cool is preferable to unrelenting searing sun and heat and humidity.

    Gentle hugs,

    1. Yes I prefer rain, and we've had too much sun for too long here.

  4. I adore the name of your blog. Please never change it! <3
    And these photos are dreamy.

  5. i wonder why you moved things around. i am hoping to be doing that soon so that a floor can be put down, in place of old orange carpet.

    thank you for the things you share.

    1. We were turning a bedroom into an art studio. :-)