whispering to the trees

The world was white this morning, turning our words white as we stood outside watching sungold light lay itself uncertainly on the grass. And so cold - it felt like the light would crack into pieces when it touched the ground. I have had enough of winter.

Some days I read things like this story about what happened when people were given the opportunity to write to trees, and it offers me hope for our world. Some other days I read other stories in which politicians call wind farms offensive, and I despair. But most of the days I am like most people. I stand at the edge of the frost-covered grass and look for sun.

Imagine you were given a stranger's email address and you could tell them in quiet intimacy anything at all. I think it would be very different from connections made on social media, where callousness seems to rule. This would be a chance to open your true heart and lay a piece of it in someone else's silence. Let me tell you why I have more hopeful days than despairing ones. Because I think if we could whisper to each other the way we do to trees and angels, beauty would sound out all over the world.


  1. We have watched the world transform from "Never use your name or location online" for safety reasons back in the 90s to "You must provide your name and location" with the advent of web2.0. This change may have bolstered social media, but it also created that tension for public callousness.

    The light is returning, hold on sarah.