a banner of wildflowers

I've been contemplating what I'd like to have as my mission statement for blogging. This is not the same as a subject focus. I've proven to myself over the years that I'm incapable of writing to only one subject! But a banner idea ... something to guide my spirit as I write, to remind me of my purpose in public journalling, and what I want to give to the world ... this would be helpful.

This morning, I came upon a post on twitter about protecting roadside verges so wildflowers can grow. This kind of thing regularly fills my feed as I use twitter to resource myself with images and messages for beauty. But this morning, this post, this contemplation of service - along with an apparent cyber strafe on my tiny little blog which didn't last long but astonished me nonetheless - brought everything into clarity.

I would like my webspace to be like a country lane edged with wildlflowers. A gentle place, fragrant with warm breezes, peaceful with the sounds of nature. The sort of place which I absolutely can not find anywhere near where I actually live in the world, rarely in books, and in no people except those few online, in faraway places, who offer it through their own webspaces.

I have almost come to terms with not being able to wander through a place like this in the material world. Perhaps one day I'll visit England and finally have the experience, although perhaps it would be harder to have that experience and then return to an ordinary environment. But I can try to create it in spirit. In words. In wishes.

(With a stormy-looking sky now and again, for the little thrill that provides ... and a rainshower to bless the world with delicate magic and make the homecoming cup of warm tea extra delicous ... )

That then will be the banner for my writing heart from now on. Wild peace.


  1. wild peace...i can think of nothing more beautiful.

  2. Exactly how I feel Sarah as you have probably guessed from reading my blog - to reflect the peace of wild things and how it affects me - although finding the right words for this doesn't come easy because it stirs deep in my soul.

  3. Really great thoughts, and an enjoyable read. Wild peace sounds great.

  4. Wild peace.... How lovely.... And sounding perfect, for you.

    But may I add my views on _my_ blogging? Not in any way, negating or comparing with or such, with your views. Please, please, please? And of course, the wisest way, would be for me to simply wish you well with your views. And keep mine, to myself.

    But..... What kind of chatter in comments, would come, from everyone just saying; "Yes, yes, yes..."?

    OK! I in no way, am arguing with your views!!! By saying.... I don't find it necessary, to do any mission statements or banners or how-I-want-to-do-it.... With my blogging. I simply put it out there. Perhaps it's my inner revolt at anything which smacks of being 'rules'...? Perhaps? -sigh-

    Whatever it is, it's my way.

    And each and every blogger is free to blog, in her/his way!!!!!

    Wishing you some whimsey and magic, in your week,

    1. Yes, everyone should conduct their journal in the way they like best. I've been writing here (well, at various URLs and under various titles but always the same "here") for ten years and mostly I've just put things out there, same as you. And for several years, on and off, I've been unhappy with that - not because I feel a need for focus, or because I want a rule (I hate rules) but because sometimes it's hard to know what to write, or to inspire myself, especially after all this time - and not wanting it to be a personal journal - so having a guide to mood will really help me with that. :-) I would certainly not recommend it to others, I would say "do what is right for you."

  5. This sounds just like you. Lovely.

  6. You have done a phenomenal job of creating wild peace here. I hope you're able to find the worldly version of your blog sooner rather than later! (P.S. here in many states, roadside wildflowers are encouraged and protected. Fills my heart when we drive by these areas, lined with black eyed susans and poppies.)

  7. Wild peace - love it! And what a gorgeous shot.

  8. thank you all for your lovely comments, they are always much appreciated.

  9. Oh, how lovely Sarah. Wild Peace - an utterly perfect description of your beautiful online space. <3

  10. I love this so much : ) Wild Peace - I couldn't imagine anything more fitting for this beautiful space, and your spirit. x