the healing power of art

It's a joyful kind of day today, as if the world is proud of itself and can't help beaming. I woke to a lawn which was all a-glimmer with white frost beneath a pale golden sunrise. I made my tea to the quiet song of birds. I'm not a morning person usually, but there's something really special about August dawns. They seem fresh, and gentle, and feminine.

I've been writing all day (romance, elegance, zombies) and so don't have much left in me for a blogpost. Therefore, some links which I hope you will enjoy :

* Kindness is a superpower.

* So grateful for the American and British men who were in the right place at the right time to stop disaster on a train from Amsterdam. Someone said to me the other day, it's not that the world is a dangerous place, its that where the bad guy happens to be at any given time is a dangerous place.

* I've been thinking a lot lately about how my deliberate practice of surrounding myself with soft, lovely imagery and writing is healing me in a way I don't entirely understand but certainly appreciate. Re-reading Anne of Green Gables, I feel its beauty soaking into my spirit. Scrolling through favourite pinterest boards, I feel my edges softened. I used to like gritty, moody pictures, but can not abide them now. Instinctively, I am drawn to what my spirit needs at this time - lush beauty, with a touch of romantic shadow as well. This article at Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood talks about how art is a mirror through which we seek healing.

* In a similar vein is this article about art and meditation at The Learned Pig.

* I used to colour-in long before it became trendy, again because a gentle practice of art (if colouring-in can be considered art) can be so soothing, meditative. Now adults' colouring-books are available in fine style. We came across these beautiful books the other day and they really are as lovely as they seem.

I hope your days are full of what you need to be healthful and happy.


  1. "it's not that the world is a dangerous place, its that where the bad guy happens to be at any given time is a dangerous place."

    How wisely put...

  2. I too am in a stage of life where I immerse my self in beauty as often as possible. I love how you said that Pinterest smooths out your Rough edges.

  3. your lovely words have touched my heart this morning
    thank you for sharing what you have found

  4. I must say I am a big fan of Pinterest - how can you not be soothed by beautiful imagery.

  5. Wonderful links. Pinterest is the best. <3