blogging for beauty

I have kept online journals for several different reasons over the years, but these days, my primary motivation is to give a little something to the world - just a little beauty, or a little thought, or some of the quiet lessons I learn in my own life. And it helps me too; it trains my eye and heart on loveliness.

Tonight, since I am rather tired, it shall have to be a simple list of things. But then, I actually love reading other people's lists. Maybe you do too ...

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skirts like cobwebs
long coats, tall boots
book scent
vintage fairytale illustrations
small vases of wildflowers
night rain
wild roses
hill-tossed skies
pansies pressed into favourite books
long wrinkled hair
peace-dreaming willows
small poems
quiet gentle woodlands, walked barefoot
wind in the hair & the heart
laced light in wood-framed windows
secret smiles
silver rings
fragile pencil drawings

I welcome you to leave your own small list in the combox ...

{postscript: something for a laugh.}


  1. Such a lovely list and beautiful images. Mine would include the tinkling sound of a flowing stream, the fragrance of roses, a robin's song and the sound of children laughing.

    Loved that video it made me chuckle.

  2. I can't... My mood has not been one, to easily bring beautiful things, to mind. My problem! To be dealt with, by me!

    But thank you for your lovely list. I need this.

    Isn't that nice? You posted, what I need now.

    This is an essence of Pretty Blog Land. To magically give others, just what they need, now and then. :-)

    Thank you Dear Friend...

  3. lovely images
    words that stir imagination

    frothy green tea (matcha with homemade macadamia nut milk)
    orange fish dancing
    shadows and light

  4. babies, flowers, stars, tea, wine, velvet and suede, rain, childhood favorite books, massages, hot baths, color and scent, poetry and art and music, a glade of redwood trees, standing stones, indian or moroccan or ethiopian food, folk dress, peacocks, shakespeare, cats, linen sheets, vintage kimonos and hair ornaments, antique globes, oriental rugs, tribal jewelry, belly dancing, candlelight...