heavenly powers

In the pallor of earliest morning, I looked out on the light-strewn shadows of the world. And the lights were golden, and the shadows held old mysteries and dreams. Instinct made me look up, and I caught my breath as the clouds parted in that moment to reveal the moon, the Queen of Heaven, hung like a white crescent crystal from dark's deepest heart.

And then the sun rose.

The magnificent lion of a sun, filling the world with love.

I have seen a mountain floating rootless above the ocean. I have seen a wing flying bodiless. And now I have seen too the moon righteous in her place of precedence, and the fierce holy soul of the sun.

Other things seen this week ...

A super-henge has been found one mile from Stonehenge.

This photograph of where the Syrian refugees have come from.

Muscovy ducks versus swans.

Pippa Roseberry's Storybook pinterest boards.

If Jane Austen got some writer's workshop feedback.

Why children draw more than we do.


  1. What a stunning picture, and words to go with it. Thanks also for the links. I'm thinking about drawing now, been thinking about it a lot actually, but to sit down and do it is another thing. I'm a little frightened by it I think. But I also think that drawing might help me know what to write next.

  2. aye, "the moon righteous in her place of precedence, and the fierce holy soul of the sun"...beautiful.

    thanks for the links! i'll be sharing several of them, especially the photo of Homs (for all those callous, ignorant people i've been longing to say "SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP" to for days), and the delightfully wry jane austen bit for my writer friends. :)

  3. Beautiful words.... And word pictures...

    Thank you for the links... My husband will love the one on the new super-henge being found.

  4. That's an amazing photo. Well done you! Oh yes, Superhenge! I can't believe it! Stonehenge is quite close to us in Oxfordshire. Actually, only about 20 minutes away in Wiltshire. Now I have to go back there and see it. Probably won't get back to E till December, but I'm sure it'll wait for me. Hope I can touch it. You know, I was just so annoyed when the council elected to fence of Stonehenge. It always is just so magical to touch these stones, but to tell you the truth, there's a henge in our neighbouring village of Stanton Harcourt which I can walk to and touch any time I like. (yes, there's a blog post about it...lol) Actually, henges and tells are a bit dime-a-dozen in E, just Stonehenge is a bit of a Mona Lisa of henges...you know?

  5. Thank you everyone. The photo is actually a reject from my portfolio - and also cropped from a larger one. :-)

    Veronica, I know just what you mean about Stonehenge being a bit of a Mona Lisa!