on the tilting cusp of summer

We sat in the old church garden amongst willows and still-blossoming plum trees, eating afternoon tea and making daisy chains and not wanting to go home. How could anyone go home on such a spring day?

This is the season of wild-heartedness. I saw a barefoot man today crossing the pavement like a misplaced old god, and my spirit stirred. This is the season of skin laying down upon earth, and arms reaching around slow-pulsing brown trees, and singing with the birds.

I am not ready for summer. I want to a whole lavish lot more of this promising. This wry dreaming that tumbles in on the squally sunlit wind. I want the secret heart of joy about Christmas for a bit longer, not decorations already up and advertisments begun. Let me linger and wish. This culture has forgotten about the deliciousness of yearning. We are in such a hurry; we jump right in; we are always ready. But for me the best time is the before-time, so alive with possibility.

I love a King who is wise and calm-eyed on his sun-gold throne. I love the power of him, the certainty and strength. But I love even more to hear stories of his road to kingship, how he trod his blood into the earth and over the brambles, how his voice grew its timbre, how each star in his heart was gathered from dark places. I know summer comes after spring, I know advent brings Christmas - but the knowing makes the waiting somehow even more exhilirating. It's a backwards kind of blessing. It's more than hope, more than faith. It's what comes with being sure. And only one thing gives us that good and heart-filling, nerve-tingling sureness. Love.


  1. Your spring seems to have gone so quickly - I spy lavender already. I agree it is the anticipation that is best not the reality. Beautiful words.

  2. Since I live in the Northern Hemisphere, I can not get my mind around Christmas/Yule in the summer. Just me....

    Hugs and magic,

  3. That sounds so lovely! Yes, I agree. It's been so hot with so little rain here, it's like we've jumped straight into summer way to quickly. I love your analogy of 'the road to kingship'. I was surprised to see Christmas advertising and specials began a month ago already. Completely bizarre in my opinion.

  4. yes, yearning, dreaming so good

    though we are in opposite seasons
    last weekend at a wild mushroom foray, me dressed in a warm cashmere sweater and tall woolen socks, i spied the teacher barefoot on the earth, my spirit also stirred and i still remember.

  5. I love your thoughts and your beautiful photos.The first snowflakes drifted down yesterday, interspersed with colored leaves; so lovely, even with winter standing there in the distance. Joy can be found in every season. Because Love is. And it is all.

  6. Dear Sarah, your words are so beautiful... My favourite season is the spring, the beginning of new life... Outside my window it is autumn, and today it is raining.

    Love from Ida.