the spirit of life

When everything else falls away, there is love. The many-skinned love, emerging from an ancient black sea. Love in the satiny skin of grief. Love in the tautness of fear. Love that shines with hope and longing and loss and loneliness. Love that holds on tight.

Love that always finds its voice, even when that voice is silence. Love coming like a miracle in exactly the right Bible story, exactly the right words in a jumbled conversation. Love in the darkness, when you understand there's nothing more important to say - not the location of the hidden treasure, not even the password to the safe, nothing essential except love. And love in the light when you see its face and realise it's all you want.

Everything else is just static.


  1. lovely image
    i enjoy the mix of horizon and waving twigs

  2. So beautifully written. Some days its easy to touch this truth. At other times, we need to be stripped down to the naked essence of life to see what matters most.