when it rains on your picnic

I knew it might rain, but the draw of the meadow was too strong, the peace of the trees calling my heart after a long winter of my own horizon being felled, tree by tree, shadow by dream. So we lay down our picnic blanket, and brought out our food, and the rain began falling.

The beautiful rain. It ensorcelled the world with a cold, whispering kind of magic that echoed the distant ocean. And it lured out rabbits, white-tailed and wild; they ran between the trees, through the rain, making me think of course of Hazel, Fiver, and Dandelion. (I always loved Dandelion best).

We were getting wetter than damp, so we opened our umbrellas and went on eating. And it couldn't get much better, really : a misty meadow lush with trees, a storytelling sky, and the wonderful sound of rain against our umbrellas. I wouldn't have wanted sunshine - not something as ordinary as that. It was an English-souled kind of day.


  1. I want to go picnicking with you in the rain and watch the rabbits frolic in the midst. I do.

    I think the last two photos might rank as my favorites of all time.♥

  2. I, too, would like to have been their with you...and the old trees...and the meadow...the rain and the rabbits. It was the same sort of day here yesterday, but it was a town day for me. Still, the rain made it lovelier than it might have been otherwise, and I was startled when a man in the new yoga class I attended grumbled to me about the rain and wanting to move to Florida. I didn't respond except to smile, I don't think he would understand we women who love the quality of such a day and patter of rain on our umbrellas...

  3. I would so much have loved the company of both of you - I wish for it many days, infact, and sigh with a little melancholy that all the kindred spirits I know live so very far from me. But what a blessing the internet is, that I've been able to at least meet you this way, through words and wishing.

  4. sounds wonderful
    it is raining here
    but too cold to sit out in it, it is an autumn rain that is leaning towards winter
    lovely to see the rabbit
    do you know what kind of trees those large ones are?

    1. The tall trees in the first photo are poplar trees. The trees in the colour photo, I don't know.