dreaming away

The morning here is gentle, subtle. Rain lays on the air like leftover dreams. Part of me wants to open all my windows and breathe it in, but another part wants to keep them closed so I can imagine if I did open them I'd smell forest dark and wild, old sky magic, instead of traffic, brick, tarseal.

Living with chronic homesickness means sometimes going out to the place where you now live and finding things to appreciate about it, and sometimes it means closing all your windows and wishing yourself away. I know we're told to love where we are, but I think we should be more compassionate with ourselves - have pity and empathy for ourselves - acknowledging and holding the little deaths of place & being that we've experienced along our way.

I have some links I'd like to share with you, things that have touched my heart in one way or another this week.

Inhabit : a beautiful, mindful, feminine approach to nutrition and well-being.

Marrying the land : the sacred convenant between king and goddess.

Did you know that Indonesia is burning?

Tweve Little Tales : storytelling guides.

Fearthainn and other beautiful Scottish words.

Rebecca Cairns : haunting photography.

The Hazel Tree : a beautiful online magazine.

Revealing the truth behind social media : by Essena O'Neill.

This music by A Mermaid in the Attic.


  1. "I think we should be more compassionate with ourselves...acknowledging and holding the little deaths of place & being that we've experienced along our way."

    I agree.♥

    Thank you for this offering of very interesting links! I know I can count of finding treasure among them.

  2. Know what I hope?

    That your daughter appreciates all you have given up, for what she is interested in doing...

    Gentle hugs,

    1. I left my home decades ago. I haven't lived there since I was a child.

  3. i have felt that longing, missing.

    thank you for the links.