twigs and shine : the long dry season of summer

Spring has ebbed now, lingering only in the unexpectedness of a blossoming tree amongst green, and in the tang of morning cold when I hang the laundry out. The long, dry, overheated summer has opened, and is settling itself over the plains and the waters. Soon my soul's songlines will have burrowed underground, into dark and silence, and I will be watching dry-eyed for any rain. But it won't come, and it won't come, and when it finally does I'll be so deep in need for it that I'll flood.

The sky thickened last evening, becoming brown and gold and so dark, with a growl of thunder, that I thought a storm was inevitable. But it did not come. I kept waking through the night and listening - but it did not come. And so begins the weary monotone of summer. Already, several plants in my garden have become twigs, beyond replenishing. Already, I squint when I open the curtains in the morning.

When there is no refreshment, no rich and subtle shadow, there is still at least the shelter of books, stories, wild essays and poems. The likes of Robert MacFarlane, Sylvia Linsteadt, John O'DonohueRima Staines and Tom Hirons, Robert Frost, W.B. Yeats, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Patricia McKillip, Ursula le Guin, Sharon Blackie ... their words are a wild place, a retreat from the blistered season.

Soundtrack for this post.


  1. I am so sorry, that your summer, is so stressful.....


  2. May I please ask, what template do you use, in Blogger?

    I use Picture Window. But when I try to put a Background, it shows up, in between Header and posts, and etc. Too much.

    But your Background is a true background. Showing only on top, sides, and bottom. Perfect.

    Thank you, Tessa

    1. I use the Simple template and tweak it alot, both in the Customise section and the html. Having said that, you should be able to get a solid centre column with surrounding background if you use Simple. Be aware though that little things, like the background showing at the top, probably won't happen without you tweaking the html.

      One thing you could try is downloading a free template from another website. Sometimes its tricky, but it can be easy and give you a clean, strong, centred look.

      Hope this helps :-)

  3. our summer was much like that, dry and hot. usually are summers have rain.
    I wish you the perfect amount of rain.

    lovely way with words.... and beautiful image.

  4. Although we are at opposite ends of the earth, this is the season in which I burrow underground taking shelter in books, stories, and poems, too.
    I hope this summer brings you rain and cool breezes at least sometimes.
    Beautiful monarch photo!