midsummer meanderings

Today is simply too hot for thinking. And so I offer you a links post, and I hope you find some value in it. I hope also that your own day is just the perfect weather for you.

I'm listening to Fleetwood Mac songs as I write this, and remembering decades ago when I'd sit in my little, windowful bedroom, typing stories about a lonely princess and the wild, beautiful world where she lived. My mother bought me a painting that looked just like my heroine; I still have it today, although rather faded; one day I will rewrite her story.

I read an article today on the history of women, and while I come from a completely different spiritual and intellectual perspective from the authors, it did get me to thinking about how we judge history mostly from the masculine paradigm. I wonder what it would look like if we fully reinterpreted it from a feminine sensibility. Would all those warriors still win accolades, or would the suffering and destruction they caused be instead the focus of stories? Would we praise expansion, or look instead to those who held the home ground? I personally suspect a feminised history of the world would look something like this.

Shameless book promotion slipped into post to take innocent readers unawares.

One of the most interesting things I read this week was this article which concludes that Aragorn was epic fantasy's Henry VII. (Of course, I am rereading The Silmarillion now.)

I love this quote by Ricky Gervais and this photograph by Abby Ingwersen.

And finally, incase your feed reader let you down as mine did, Antoinette has a new website address for her lovely journal, Dark Side of the Broom.


  1. Thankyou for the mention Sarah : )

    I love that quote by Ricky Gervais - his love and care for animals is a light in the world. I'm glad to see the shameless book promotion. I'm about to re-read your beautiful collection of stories, they have moved me deeply, and I want to revisit their worlds. xx

    1. Thank you so much my friend. I think rereading must bethe greatest compliment for a writer :-)

  2. These photographs are simply stunning, Sarah. I adore the pastel blue color palette. And thank you so much for including my photograph! xoxo