gently wild

Truth is, if you take me to the waters (a lake or willow-hushed stream, not the beach if you love me), I'll lay down a blanket in some shade and sit reading, for long hours reading, listening dimly to the mild birdsong. I'll drink lemonade, eat chocolate raisins, and watch for the wind. I may be a wildish woman, but my bones are weft with breezes, and my heart goes quiet and slow.

A woman can sit (protected from grass stains) and dream off into the middle distance, and that's still a woman wild. When she walks through nature, carefully gathering shadows, flowers, a few shells from a shore, she keeps her shoes on. She may not be a mushroom-seeking, root-dreaming, dirt-nailed and earth-deep soul. But that is not the criteria for wild.

Infact, she can sit at her windowsill in the middle of the day, and look out on moors or oceans, and even so she is wild - indoors, comfortable, quiet, and feral in the silence behind her smile.

Wild is a spirit, not a behaviour. It is a language shared with wind or seeds. You can't recognise it from a woman's clothing or her daily habits. You have to sit awhile with her, and listen to her soul as it sings.


  1. So lovely, as always. I come here in the morning with my chocolate tea, and read, calming something inside of me before I start my day.

  2. Lovely words... Being wild is too often associated with being boisterous, I think. The wildest, fiercest moment I remember was lying half asleep with my kids in a dark bedroom, their warm little bodies snuggeld under my blanket, all bear mother and cubs.

  3. This is so beautiful, Sarah. <3

  4. i love that you say this...i feel sure that gentle, tender, quiet, and nurturing are all words that apply just as much to the wildness of the world as would fierce, striving, stormy, or surviving. nature is not *only* "red in tooth and claw"---she is also green in heart and hand. wildness is knowing in the bones that we are part of the natural world, not a thing apart from it. wildness is knowing that nature isn't something optional. wildness is knowing our birthright as whole, creative beings who are one note in the symphony of all things. wildness is listening to the soul's needs and accepting no materialistic substitutes for true nourishment of them. a quiet person in soft linen who prefers to enjoy a gentle breeze in a shaded meadow edge is no less wild than her sister who may enjoy climbing a mountain in a gale...wolves hunt fiercely but they also lick their pups with infinite gentleness. and inside every woman is a world of possibilities, no matter what her external preferences may be.