songs for dreaming beside the sea

The rain-paled sea is washing through me; the moon, growing large, is gentling. I have closed my door against heat and cicadas, all the things people love about summer. I am dreaming winter and the slow fall of leaves. It won't be coming for a long while yet, but I can dream it, and wait for it, and seek it in the last hour of light at the shore, when a mist rises out of the white tide, like the breath of a selkie as she sings winter, winter, cold and quiet.

As I wish the season changing, and I write small ways into new story, I've been trying to find magical music to accompany me. Here is a small list of what I have so far.

Isbells, Without a Doubt
Sea Oleena, Mad World
The Narrative, Eyes Closed
Clannad, Newgrange
House of Wolves, One
Soley, Blue Leaves
Julia Fordham, Porcelain
The John Langan Band, Winter Song
And the soundtrack of the Kin Fables films

I was blessed to see Clannad in concert many years ago, and their performance of Newgrange was hauntingly beautiful. Irish magic and mist filled the concert hall and I thought our ancestors might have been dancing there, carried through time, over oceans, by the song. 


  1. Such haunting beauty. I dream of spring. Winter seem to carry on forever right now.

  2. What a beautiful photo! Thank you for the links to review. xoxo Su

  3. Anne, I am so often the same at the end of winter. Spring is such a beautiful season, tinged only with the sorrow that summer is coming all too soon.

    1. Yes. I suppose I like the in-between seasons the most, spring and autumn, but also winter when it's young. When it grows old it's often brown and full of slush, and rather annoying :D At least we got a beautiful sunny day today.

  4. such a lovely photo
    the colors are soothing and inviting
    thank you for the music

  5. i love getting music recommendations to check out. thank you. and somehow i had never rub across the "kin fables" was like they reached into my dreams for the imagery...

    1. I am so happy that I was able to introduce someone to Kin Fables. I have been in love with those movies for such a long time now, and often rewatch them. They are the most beautiful things I've seen on the internet.

  6. I have just gotten through your entire play list, thank you! wonderful music.