the last moon of summer

The text came unexpectedly this morning. Go outside, it said, and look northwest. So I threw a shawl over my nightgown and went out barefoot over the frosty path, into the quiet cold that a fresh and gentle dawn had not yet disturbed. I looked northwest, wondering ...

The moon looked back at me.

I usually call this one the gold-heart moon, the moon of late summer when everything has dried up and gone to useless gold. The work moon. We bring in final harvests, we do what we can with the garden, we begin our plans for autumn gathering and nesting. I have a story for this season about the Wolf King's daughter who runs into the forest and builds herself a safe home amongst the shadows and the wild people ...

But as I stood on the chilled, sea-scented driveway this morning, I knew the moon was different for me this year. Between seeing it last night all bright above the ocean and seeing it this morning so gentle and surprising behind the trees, it's name had gone deeper. The night, fraught with difficult dreams, had woven a private magic for me.

This moon, from the heart of the night to the start of the new morning, had become the Promise Moon. 

Promising a turn of the season.
Promising the harvest from labour.
Promising that someone will always call me to look at the moon.
Promising it will always be there.

And reminding me that all the wishes I make for myself are seeded already as small, quiet promises in my life. I don't always recognise them. But then, that is the blessing of moonlight. It goes deeper than sunlight. It is a lamp for our souls, lit by the great mothering soul of the world.

Also : Anne Kaland, who knows and loves the great mother, has written a new book. Today seems the perfect day to link to it for you.


  1. Your is a beautiful summer moon, Sarah, and I love seeing it here - mine, of course, is a cold winter moon. Love the idea of your moon being called the "Promise Moon" too. This entire post is a treasure from start to finish!

  2. An overwhelming image of the beauty within the world.

  3. Beautiful. I feel too that this is a promise moon, and I'm waiting for spring as you wait for autumn, and I think I'll go into the forest today and rest.

    Thanks also for sharing about my book :)

  4. i love that things change
    that things can go deeper
    last night as the big fat moon graced our winter wonderland
    i thought, this might be the last fat moon that lights up the snow with shadows of the forest until next winter
    it really is a beautiful thing to behold

  5. I love this post so much. I had to return and read it for a second time. Such tender faithfulness in these words. And you know, I adore your names for the moons of the year. "Gold-heart moon" is sublime. It gives the month of February a beauty and magic that I often struggle to see. x