allowing the quiet

Between rain showers, a bird is singing loud, singing strong. As if it could hold up the sky with its voice. I myself, down in my little cottage, am hushed, with a heart bowed to the possibility of storms. Any moment now I must begin rushing about for the sake of various important afternoon jobs. But the stillness, and the bird-stitched quiet, holds me with a growing insistence that soon I will not be able to deny. I feel the beauty of it, as well as the determination behind it - this is what you need, it tells me, and my heart is agreeing despite the noise of my bones and my mind. 

I may not post here for the next little while. I shall be gathering acorns, rain-dreams, and other autumn gifts before the season deepens into winter. I am hoping to give myself the good old medicine of paying private, intimate attention to my hours. But my letter will be out tomorrow, (with more about the dark forest), and I shall return here as soon as I am able - probably just a few days, three or five.

It's always difficult to let words lie, but then again part of telling is to let your audience inhale a moment of dusky, simple peace. And to hold that peace within yourself also. I am a tale-teller, veering always wordwards; I tend to be like the bird singing to hold up the sky. But nothing can come in if I'm always chattering, talking, writing, thinking. And I don't really want an unweathered sky. So I shall be listening for a while, offering hospitality to the world rather than just taking from it ...

Only a very little while.


  1. I love your writings, they speak quietly yet ring loud.
    I always look forward to your blogs and letters.

  2. Your words truly are honey balm to the soul... like a psalm...
    'the bird-stitched quiet' is THE phrase for what I, too, experience in-between Spring showers here in England. The birds sing their hearts out when the rain stops...
    Thank you, dear Sarah, may you find deep soul nourishment in your foraging xx

  3. Ahh...this is so restful. We all need to just breathe quietly sometimes. xo

  4. such lovely images
    your: the stillness, and the bird-stitched quiet
    and the rain is exactly my morning
    wishing you a wonderful time away