butterfly dreaming

When I came upon the Kin Fables films, I was enchanted, and not just by the films themselves. The fact they were made at all - that two men had such a vision of ethereal, magical beauty, and the determination to bring it into this world, this hard grim overwrought world - that was enchantment too.

I want to write like they saw. But I have a heavier touch, with too many words and not enough trust. I want to be an enchantment for the world. This is what the McKinnon brothers did for me. They not only made life more lovely with their art, but they inspired me to dream of my best self, no matter how unreachable it seemed - which is in a way an intimate kind of art, working small and deep on the heart.

Now Ben McKinnon is gone. We have lost him, oh we have lost him, he is gone. Like so many, too many, artists before. The beautiful ones, the butterfly hearts, who give us such joy and courage and hope.

And the everyday people too, the newspaper readers, flower growers, librarians, engineering students, unpoetic sensible ones ... All the sufferers of depression, who are not mad, nor heartsore, nor bringing it upon themselves, but battling a biological illness.

Almost everyone brings joy, courage, hope, poetry, into the lives of others. It may not be through a film, painting, or book - just a smile, perhaps, for a stranger whose bad day is then redeemed. Or a gentle laugh which uplifts a doubtful child's heart. How much I wish we talked more of this beauty, instead of dwelling on the exploits of the few evil people, the ones who want only to drag us down. How I wish we made gardens and gracious space for butterfly dreaming.


  1. oh. oh. what a shame. so sorry for his fiancee and his family. for all whose lives he touched. i'm somewhat shocked, i admit.

  2. You make those dreams real, with your thoughtful words and images.
    We need more like you, we need the dreamers, those who see through the maze of life
    to see its beauty. ♥

  3. How wonderful those films are - I was entranced. And to read of the sad loss of this young talented man is so sad - so much is lost with his passing.

  4. Thank you all for your kind comments :)