looking for flowers

Today I went to the place where hills grow out of old watery valleys, and the wind sings of wild beaches, dark sand beaches, memories of long-ago home. And as I went I looked for flowers.

purple clover
ox-eye daisies in a sudden profusion
scarlet blossom
gorse flowers as far as the eye could see
jonquils beneath a tree
tiny daisies, just a few
magnolia trees in bloom

I wish I could draw them, but I have no skill with the pen. Neither do I have enchanting words to describe them. Their names are their own magic.

This is something I am reminded to do every early springtide, in the new freshness and the sheer lovely friendliness of the days. Look for flowers. Seek always the beauty and charm of life.

These days feel like Steiner school days - full of sweet, suggestive magic and the turning always to loveliness. Fleecy days. I glance up from typing this and see daffodils nodding in my neighbour's garden, beyond my daisy-freckled lawn. Sunlight saturates the afternoon with warm peace. Soon I will be restless for rainstorms again, but right now I can smile at the beautiful youth of Spring that lays on the ground with eyes shut, mouth relaxed into a smile, dreaming wild, dreaming light.


  1. Such a beautiful early Spring capture
    with wonderful enchanting words intertwined.

  2. the names of things are a kind of magic, aren't they? they would be (and are) enchantment in themselves, in their very being, and don't need names to be appreciated and loved. but i like to think of the naming of things as a song we sing in appreciation and love of them..just that listing above of all the different flowers was an invocation of their beauty. you say gorse, or manuka, and i see them too. you say daffodil, and i see the nodding golden trumpets; daisy-freckled lawn lets me see it and smell it too, in my mind...

  3. With it being close to Autumn here there are very few wild flowers about, sadly, but if we had them all year round there would be nothing to look forward to.

  4. Beautiful. I'm in love with all the golden flowers of autumn right now. Did you go to a Steiner school? I wish I had gone to a school like that :)