wing dreaming


And the rain comes again. It is long white cold between raindrops, flown fast by the sky. And it smells like farmland, hillshadow, the deep old quiet.

Earlier, a bird began calling strangely. I looked out of my window and saw two dozen on the wing, speeding away - away from what, I don't know. There was no clue. For all I can guess, they may have been having a flight competition or some mad sky-country dance. Or perhaps something in the rumour of the rain alarmed them, a scent or sound unnoticed by humans. What selkie music, old dirt whispers, fragrance of mysterious wild, might have sent them into sudden, furious flight?

I love it when people learn all they can know about birds and other animals. I am fascinated by those who understand the language of wings and tails. I will probably never be proficient myself at such things. But perhaps one can develop a close sympathy for animals through imagining what the world is like for them. Understanding will be lacking, but certainly not love.

new discovery: music by Rebekka Karijord


  1. I love the winter in your words. And that is a beautiful song. She feels very vulnerable as she sings it.

  2. Beautiful as always... and thank you for introducing me to Rebekka - my kinda music :)

  3. The beautiful thoughts you share I visually capture in my mind.
    I see you.

  4. "understanding may be lacking, but certainly not love." and that, ultimately, is more important.

    also, i like the idea of the birds dancing in the sky, or racing each other for the sheer joy of it...

  5. My husband is very keen on birds and is very good at identifying them; me, well I know the common garden birds and their calls and that is enough for me. Wild flowers and animals is where my interests lie. That book I am reading at the moment; the author gets right inside the animals heads as to what they are feeling and seeing, as though he is the animal itself.

  6. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments, I'm sorry I've been unable to answer them properly just now but I have loved reading them.